Corey Taylor says he loved a YouTube mash-up and wants studio time with AMA winner
michael baggs
10:21 19th November 2012

In a move that might surprise fans, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has said he's eager to duet with popstar Justin Bieber.

The comment follows a fan's YouTube mash-up of Slipknot's 'Psychosocial' and Bieber's 'Baby' to create 'Psychosocial Baby'.

Slipknot's masked frontman has admitted he's actually quite a fan of Beiber and was eager for them to meet up when he discover their respective work committments meant they were close by.

"I was in Baltimore on my book tour and Justin was nearby in Washington D.C. I tried to get him down to my reading because I wanted to try to do an acoustic version of 'Psychosocial Baby' together.

"But he was actually visiting a children's hospital. You can't say anything bad about a guy who's visiting children's hospitals."

Taylor also told Revlover how pleased he was with then online mash-up and how much respect he had for the pop idol.

"I give him respect. He's a very talented kid and he goes above and beyond for his fans.

"I know Justin wasn't responsible for it [the mash-up], but I just thought it was so cool.

"Everbody thought I'd be pissed about it, but I was blown away."

But Taylor isn't the only one eager to get together with Bieber.

The Korean popstar Psy, responsible for giving the world 'Gangnam Style', recently told Capital Fm that he and Bieber would be working together on a track in the future, though the details had not been finalised.

Psy pointed to the potential of combining the two's star power and their YouTube draw.

"I mean of course you know, hundred of millions [views] combined on YouTube - it's gonna explode right?"