Shark seen in New Jersey - not New York
michael baggs
10:45 30th October 2012

US star Sean Kingston has warned Twitter followers about US reports that sharks had been spotted swimming in flood waters following Hurrican Sandy.

The singer was among a number of stars sending thoughts to friends and fans caught up in the extreme weather that has so far claimed the lives of 13 people in New York - but his good wishes came with added bite.

"Heard somebody seen a shark just swimming in there neighborhood.. because of#Hurricanesandy this is crazy stay safe people!" Kingston tweeted, (sic).

A photo of a shark swimming in a front yard in New Jersey has been seen online - although many believe it to be a fake. It is not believed that there are any sharks swimming in the waters that have hit New York.

New York city has shut down to the severe weather conditions - with power being turned off across the city.

The above image, shared on Twitter, was reportedly taken in New Jersey

Fellow stars taking to Twitter to share messages of good will online include US stars and the Irish star, Ronan Keating.

Keating tweeted: "To everyone effected by #hurricanesandy my thoughts and prayers are with you."

Katy Perry sent love (and more) to her followers: "Sending east coasters light and love. Especially light!"

Lady Gaga paid tribute to family and fans in New Jersey, saying: "Its such a testament to New York that none of my friends or family members have left. not even my blind grandma in NJ."

Nicki Minaj said: "Can't stop worrying about the storm on the East coast... =( Chkn on mommy every 5 seconds... praying for my family & friends and ALL OF YOU"

Michael Jackson's sister LaToya told her followers: "Sandy is a powerful force! Protect yourself, love ones & pets! My prayers to all those who are being effected by this hurricane! Be safe!"

US rapper Kendrick Lamar likened the weather phenomenon to a wet t-shirt competition however, saying: "Hurricane Sandy over here super soaking these hoes."

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