Life changing moments caused singer to take action
David Renshaw

15:11 23rd July 2012

Against Me! singer Laura Jane Grace has spoken of the incidents that led to her decision to live her life as a woman - including being dropped by her record label.

Grace, formerly known as Tom Gabel, revealed all to her friends, family and fans earlier this year and has begun taking female hormones as she spends twelve months living as a female before undergoing surgery at a later date.

Speaking to The Guardian about what led her to admitting the truth, Grace said that she had always been too scared to open up whilst Against Me! were signed to Warner Bros. And then they got dropped.

"I kind of reached a point where there was nothing else that I could really write about and focus on other than transsexual topic matter – whether those are stories of fiction or my own emotions writing it – I couldn't really write about anything else," Grace told the paper.

The pregnancy of wife Heather was the final sign that things had to change, with Grace revealing that: "You're thinking, 'I'm going to be a father, and I'm going to have a daughter,' and you can't help but examine that as you get older – just having less patience with all the bullshit. Just thinking about the role model that you're going to be for your child, and what's the most important lesson you can teach them? Wanting to be honest was an example that I wanted to set."

Grace also reveals in the interview that she has not spoken to her Father since telling him the news about being transsexual.