Michael's brother tells of Inspiration after Tupac's Coachella return
David Renshaw

11:01 23rd April 2012

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The Jackson 5 could take to the road with a hologram of Michael Jackson as part of their show, it has been claimed today.

Concert performances with deceased stars became much more of a reality last week when Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg used hologram technology to bring Tupac Shakur out on to the stage during their headline slot at the Coachella festival.

Naturally, it was only a matter of time before groups affected by losing a key member of their number jumped onto the trend and it seems that The Jackson 5 could be the first to run with the technology.

Speaking to The Sun, Michael's brother Jackie said: "It could have been Michael — absolutely. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? As a matter of fact, we had that idea two years ago for Michael’s Cirque du Soleil show."

Realising that any potential tour would involve lots of planning and legal wrangling, Jackson added: "As always with Michael’s estate and creating new art with his image, there will be a lot of politics to navigate. But we've all seen how well it can be done now. It could be the most lucrative world tour of all time."

You can vote for who you would like to see return to the stage via hologram here.

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