Queen of pop meets the face of Live Aid...
Davina Earl

12:54 3rd July 2005

Live8In one of the most emotional moments of Live 8, Queen Madge took to the stage with 24-year-old Birhan Woldu -  the living symbol of hope from Bob Geldof’s 1985 Live Aid campaign.

Woldu was caught on film twenty years ago – given just ten minutes to live by doctors.

Sir Bob said: "See this little girl? She had 10 minutes to live 20 years ago and because we did a concert in this city and Philadelphia and all of you came and some of you weren’t born, because we did that, last week she did her agricultural exams in the school she goes to in the northern European highlands.”

Woldu herself addressed the crowd: ‘Hello from Africa...We Africans love you very much . It’s a great honour to be here to stand on the Live 8 stage and please continue to support Live 8 and we love you very much and thank you.’

Madonna was visibly moved and appeared humbled as she clasped Woldu’s hand and sang eighties classic ‘Like A Prayer.’

Speaking to the Sunday  Mirror after her performance Madonna said: "Today has been successful in terms of raising awareness but more than anything the pressure its going to put on the world leaders to decide whether to remove debt and increase funding  - that’s the most important thing and hopefully we will have achieved that."  

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