Lead guitarist leaves Liverpool band...
Daniel Melia

15:37 14th June 2005

Denim clad Luke was the only looker in the band!!!Luke Thomson, guitarist with The Stands, has left the band it was revealed yesterday.

Rumours had been circulating the bands website forum all day and front man Howie Payne confirmed the news to fans on the chat room yesterday evening.

He told fans: “I was waiting a while before mentioning this in order to let a few things settle; Luke is no longer with The Stands. We wish him all the best with anything he undertakes, a new guitarist has joined, more news on that soon.”

“You have to understand this band has been changing shape since day one, there is no question of a split just of change, i must say it has been a pleasure to travel the world with Luke, he is a player for sure and I hope always will be a friend, do not worry friends, all is well, see you at the fezzy's. Howie. X”

After speaking to Gigwise Luke confirmed he has left the band and is happy about the decision. He is looking forward to furthering his musical career in the future with rumours suggesting that he is set to join fellow Liverpool band The Cuckolds.