Shoegaze-psych legend Anton Newcombe continues an impressive run
Jessie Atkinson
17:17 15th January 2019

Brian Jonestown Massacre have today announced their 18th LP, and dropped the addictive ‘Cannot Be Saved’, which BJM fans are guaranteed to absolutely lap up. Listen to the excellent cut below, and let us know what you think. 

Anton Newcombe - Dig! pariah and psych-perfectionist - has been sober for several years now, and this dramatic volte-face in lifestyle has produced a period of extended enterprise. Though earlier works hold up as some of shoegaze’s most important albums, Newcombe’s brilliance extends beyond the influence of sauce and substance. 

‘Cannot Be Saved’, an intoxicating psych groove with distinctive bass loops and woozy vocals, is just the latest product of a particularly fruitful era for Newcombe. Since 2015, BJM have released five albums and an EP, two further LP’s with Tess Parks, plus a soundtrack album for the film Moon Dogs.

Alongside 2018’s Something Else - an album that coincided with a year-long stint of touring - today’s single confirms the continued underground and critical appeal of BJM, which, at present, is holding up a quarter of a century later. 

The LP was recorded and produced at Anton’s Cobra Studio in Berlin, and this latest full-length - which is to be self-titled - will drop on March 15 via his own label, ‘a’ recordings.  See the track-listing below:

1.    Drained
2.    Tombes Oubliées
3.    My Mind Is Filled With Stuff
4.    Cannot Be Saved
5.    A Word
6.    We Never Had a Chance
7.    Too Sad To Tell You
8.    Remember Me This
9.    What Can I Say

Photo: Katie Willoughby