By other members of Black Sabbath...
Lowri Williams

10:51 19th May 2005

Ozzy OsbourneWhen Guitar World Magazine asked Ozzy Osbourne what his most Spinal Tap moment was they should have been prepared…

It turns out that one of Ozzy strangest moments involved a midget and a Black Sabbath tour bus.

According to, the singer lost his patience with a midget the band had hired for a tour.

He said:  "He showed up late, he drank....It got to me after awhile,"

"So, one night, when he wanted to get on the tour bus, I threw him in the luggage compartment. Somebody grabbed me and said: 'What you're doing is not only illegal but it's inhumane.' I lost it. I yelled: 'He's my fucking midget and I'll fucking do what I want with him.'

”There was a silence and then a small voice emerged from the luggage compartment: 'He's right: I'm his midget and he can do what he wants with me.'"