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Jason Gregory

15:58 29th June 2010

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Prince has announced plans to release a new studio album, entitled '20Ten'.

The follow-up to 2009's 'Lotusflow3er' will be released on July 10 with copies of the Daily Mirror.

It is the second time Prince has distributed a new album via a national newspaper. His 2007 LP 'Planet Earth' came with copies of the Mail on Sunday.

A spokesperson described '20Ten' as "a celebratory, quintessential Prince masterpiece".

The singer has yet to announce plans to release the album in the US.

As previously reported on Gigwise, Prince was given the Lifetime Achievement accolade at the BET Awards on Sunday.

The tracklisting for '20Ten' is:

'Endlessly Beginning'
'Future Soul Song'
'Sticky Like Glue'
'Act Of God'
'Walk In Sand'
'Sea Of Everything'
'Everybody Loves Me'
'Untitled Bonus Track'

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