Cartoon singer reveals...
jason gregory
10:50 4th March 2010

Gorillaz star Murdoc Niccals has revealed the group turned down collaborating with Katy Perry because of her boyfriend Russell Brand.

The US singer was keen to join the list of collaborators on the cartoon band's new album 'Plastic Beach'.

But Murdoc, who was created by Blur's Damon Albarn, said he couldn't work with the star while she and Brand were an item.

“Katy Perry - she's been after a guest spot for ages and I tried to turn her down,” Murdoc told BBC 6 Music.

“No, I couldn't work with the woman while she's got Russell Brand all over her.”

Murdoc also admitted during the interview that he had a “soft spot” for Albarn when asked if the pair would ever work together.

He jokingly added: “The thing about Damon is he does always smell nice. He keeps himself clean.

“He's cooked up some great music in his time and he's been very generous with his ideas, even if he doesn't know it.”

Gorillaz new album 'Plastic Beach' is released on Monday (March 8).