Including a return from noughties indie rockers The Paddingtons
Cai Trefor

14:53 7th August 2017

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The Libertines have unveiled the bands set to support them over the course for their 'Tiddeley Om Pom Pom Tour' tour - including The Paddingtons, Trampolene, and Lucie Barât.

The Libertines are touring numerous seaside towns, making an exciting change from the major cities, and hopefully re-instilling some passion for the once economically thriving shores in the process.

The band's influence in guiding people back to the beach towns is likely to be strong as the band are opening up a hotel in one British seaside town in the coming weeks, according to Carl Barât and his interview with Gordon Smart for This Feeling TV. This is gaining momentum, too, as Doherty tweeted from his home in France on Sunday: "Fuck this... I'm moving back to England to open a hotel...."

Joining them on this tour ahead of the hotel and the fourth album, which Gary Powell says is due in Spring next year, are quite a strong mix of support bands.

Particularly exciting to see live will be Hull's The Paddingtons, who favourites of Pete Doherty as he took them on tour with Babyshambles in 2005. The Paddingtons made two studio albums before splitting in 2012 and this support slot in Hull is a "one-off."

Other support highlights are Deadcuts. Fronted by Senseless Things legend Mark Keds, they are a visceral live band and convey the struggle of drug-addled britain with hair-raising conviction.

Also unmissable are Hightown Pirates who are fronted by Simon Mason, who wrote of a novel about getting high and dealing drugs with the Britpop elite. Now clean, Mason has the intoxicating chord changes you'd associate with The Verve in his DNA and leads an exciting new band.

Trampolene led by Doherty's guitarist Jack Jones, play a string of support dates, and the band just released their best single yet in 'Beautiful Pain' and the live show is growing in strength by the day.

Another close associate of The Libertines joining them on this tour is Lucie Barât. Carl's sister lived in the shadow of her brother's success musically but has been a successful screen writer in her own right. Now determined to give music a real go, she's dropped her old band The Au Revoirs, come back as a solo artist, and new single 'Be Uprising' is a promising start. Thematically, it's a rallying call to demonstrate against the hypocrisy and lies in government, a true punk rock stab at the political elite, and it's music that seems true to her heart as someone who regularly attends demonstrations.

See the full list of supports in the Tweet below:

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Photo: Richard Gray