Rapper enjoys productive last few hours before jail...
Jason Gregory

15:07 1st March 2010

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Lil Wayne, who is expected to begin a one-year prison sentence tomorrow (March 2), shot seven new music videos on Saturday.

The session in Miami included recording a video for 'Runnin'', which is taken from his recent album 'Rebirth'.

Lil Wayne also enjoyed a similarly productive period last month when he shot ten videos over a 48-hour period.

In an interview with MTV, the rapper said: "I'mma show y'all the [work] ethic of a true artist.

"You know what I'm talkin' about? Seven videos. I shot 10 in two days before.

“Now we about to do seven in one night. ['Runnin''] was one. Next we about to do Drake's song called 'Afrika Boombatta'. "

Lil' Wayne is due to be sentenced on gun possession charges in New York tomorrow.

Sentencing was postponed last month so the rapper could complete dental surgery.

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Photo: Splash News