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    Pickle Gains More Facebook Fans Than Nickelback


    February 19, 2010 by Scott Colothan | Photo by
    Pickle Gains More Facebook Fans Than Nickelback

    Today marks the momentous occasion when a humble pickle gained more Facebook fans than Nickelback.

    The Facebook group - Can this pickle get more fans than Nickleback? - was set up on February 8th in direct response to the aural travesties that the dire mock-rockers concoct.

    Nickelback themselves have 1,413,167 Facebook followers and at half past four this afternoon (GMT) then pickle amassed more than 1,414,000 fans.

    The result is a victory for common sense and restores our faith in music.

    Better still, when your Grandkids ask, you can tell them where you were on February 19th, 2010.

    Despite the huge PR push, unfortunately so far the Sausage Roll has failed to overtake Cheryl Cole languishing at just over 1million followers.

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    What do you prefer?

    1. Pickles
    2. Nickelback
    3. They both leave a nasty taste in my mouth
    • Statement from Nickelback upon being vanquished by The Pickle (pass it on!)

      ~ by M 2/19/2010 Report

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    • Few things are as universally hated as Nickelback, in the Israeli-Palestinean conflict, the one thing that everybody agrees upon is that if anyone resembling Nickelback enters their borders, they are to be shot on sight.

      ~ by Devil Child 2/19/2010 Report

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