Drummer says...
Holly Frith
16:27 7th February 2012

Ringo Starr has added to recent rumours that the Rolling Stones are planning a World tour to coincide with their 50th anniversary.

The drummer was questioned in an interview with Spinner to whether if he thinks a Rolling Stones reunion would be a good idea.

He replied: "I hope they put it together and I hope they do a world tour," he told the website. "We all should be out there. If we can play, we should be out there playing, and that's the deal."

"I only advise everybody to get out there and play and I hope the Rolling Stones pull it together and I hope Keith and Mick pull it together and stop squabbling and get out there and do it - says Ringo!"

As previously reported on Gigwise, Keith Richards confirmed that The Rolling were planning on rehearsing together in London this month:'' I don't see why in the world the Stones can't put together some kind of show next year. I'd almost count on it.

It doesn't have to be the whole spectacle bullshit again, but we've got to find out own way through this.''

All four members were pictured leaving a building in London back in September.

The Rolling Stones' last tour, The Bigger Bang, concluded in 2007.