To renovate New Orleans park...
Jason Gregory

12:43 13th January 2009

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US rapper Lil' Wayne has donated $200,000 to help rebuild a New Orleans Park which fell into disrepair following Hurricane Katrina.

Harrell Park was used as a trailer site by relief workers in the wake of the hurricane, which left nearly 2000 people dead in 2005.

The workers' heavy machinery badly damaged an athletics track, while a nearby community centre was used by the homeless.

Lil' Wayne, who used the park as a child, said he hoped his gesture would inspire fellow hip-hop stars to extend similar offers of goodwill.

He told Louisiana’s WWLTV: “You can't really tell them (kids) what to do these days.”

“When you tell them what to do, that's when they get angry when you tell them be like me because it's hard to be like me. So, the best thing you can tell them is try to do right.” 

Officials were scheduled to vote yesterday (January 12th) on a total financial estimate for the park's renovation.

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