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Jason Gregory

15:00 29th December 2008

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Guns N’ Roses are said to be planning a new world tour which will begin in March next year.

Guitarist Richard Fortus, who has toured with the group since 2002, made the revelation in an Illinois newspaper.

Fortus, who was being interviewed about a one-night reunion of his former band, Pale Divine, was quoted as saying the tour would last “at least two years.”

Speculation over Guns N’ Roses touring future has been rife following disappointing sales of their long-awaited new album ‘Chinese Democracy’.

The record, released in November after a fifteen year wait, was met by a mixed response from fans and critics.

But Fortus, who is currently touring with Rihanna, spoke candidly about the band’s future with The Telegraph.

At one point, he joked that the group may return to St Louis – a city where, in 1991, Rose left the stage following a row with a photographer.

"There has been talk of us doing a Love tour, a tour of all the cities where there have been riots, and doing free shows," Fortus said. "That might happen."

As previously reported on Gigwise, earlier this month Rose addressed a number of fans' long-standing issues with the band on various Guns N' Roses websites.

In one conversation he defended himself against accusations that the band's new album is simply his solo album.

He also said former members had given fans an inaccurate account of why the group fell apart in the 1990s.

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