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Jason Gregory
10:43 26th June 2008

Actor Ewen Macintosh, who played Keith in the hit BBC television series The Office, has suffered a heart attack while filming a new music video for the Delays.

But thankfully the attack, brought on by a sudden burst of vigorous exercise, was all part of the act.

In the video, which is for the bands new single 'Keep It Simple', Macintosh plays a man battling to lose weight by jogging around the streets of North London.

But his efforts seem in vain when he stops to buy a burger and collapses into an unconscious state.

The video then charts his journey through food heaven and hell before he awakens to return to the gluttony of his burger.

The video for 'Keep It Simple', the latest song from the Delays' 'Everything's The Rush' LP,  will be released next week.

The single is out on August 11th.

For now, though, you can check out Gigwise's exclusive shots from the video shoot below...

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