Reveals Michael Eavis...
Daniel Melia

11:35 15th June 2008

Michael Eavis has revealed that there are around 7000 tickets left for this year’s Glastonbury and that he expects them to sell out.

The festival is now less than two weeks away and with a weekend of good weather expected fans are still snapping up the passes.

Eavis told the BBC: "I think we've got about 7000 tickets left, that's all. With only 2 weeks left to go its forecast glorious sunshine and they are selling out all the time. So they should take about ten days to sell out."

The festival recently took the decision to allow tickets to be sold over the counter at selected HMV stores.

Asked if they’ll be doing that again next year, Eavis replied: "Not necessarily. It depends really on the demand next year really

"The whole thing of photos on tickets - we had a look at that again this year. Previously we had experienced a lot of touting and it annoyed me to think that people were paying 120 quid for a ticket and selling them on for £400.

This year we didn't quite get to the point where we could sell them all with photos on because we were left with 10 000 at the end."

"Next year I think the demand will go back to how it was. If we have a dry fine summer this year and people enjoy themselves as much as I think they're going to, then the demand will be how it was.

“If not, then we'll have to look at the whole ticket system again."

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