He likes their stuff...
Jason Gregory
11:03 5th June 2008

Former Genesis vocalist Peter Gabriel has unveiled plans to cover a song by New York’s Vampire Weekend.

Speaking to BBC 6Music, Gabriel said that he was introduced to the band by someone from Vampire Weekend’s record label.

When asked what song he would like to cover, Gabriel said he was a fan of ‘Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa’, which also includes a reference to him.

"I actually do like that song a lot and they've asked me to sing a version of it now which I may well do," he said.

However, Gabriel joked that, if he was to cover the song, he might have to change his own lyric.

"Well I haven't quite worked that out whether I should be doing that or substituting it with a name that might be appropriate to me - I think playing with yourself makes you go blind after a while,” he said.