To see how he survived so long...

09:52 10th April 2008

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Keith Richards has been inundated with requests to donate his body to medical science when he dies, because doctors want to examine his immune system.

The Brown Sugar rocker, who spent much of the '70s addicted to heroin and continues to live a rock 'n' roll lifestyle, credits his survival to a high tolerance of toxic pollutants.

And the 64-year-old even claims to have conquered blood disease Hepatitis C by simply letting his body deal with it.

Richards says, "Doctors all over the world want my body when it finally goes.

"Apparently, I do have an incredible immune system. I had Hepatitis C and cured it myself. Just by being me.

"They (doctors) want it so they can study it and figure out how to make other people much better. I mean, I eat everything wrong. I shove terrible things inside me."

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