And say they're happy with their new album...
Scott Colothan

11:24 19th December 2007

The Kills have explained the meaning behind the title of their new album ‘Midnight Boom.’

Alison Mosshart from the Anglo-American duo said that it came from the wee hours in the morning when the band were at their creative peak writing the material.

She said: "(‘Midnight Boom’) means the evening, from midnight to 6am. That's the glory time of creativity and secrecy... the hours we were keeping throughout the writing process."

In the interview with xfm, Mosshart continued that both she and Jamie Hince are thrilled with the record. "I'm so happy with the the record, but it was such a long journey getting the final result. Along the way we wrote three records, went broke and fled to Mexico somewhere in the middle of figuring it all out," she said.

The follow up to 2005’s ‘No Wow’ is released through Domino Records on March 17.