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Daniel Melia

10:43 6th November 2007

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New statistics have shown that 62% of the people who downloaded ‘In Rainbows’ from the radiohead website paid nothing for the album.

Only 38% of visitors to the site paid for the album in the first twenty nine days since its release and of those the majority paid less than £2.

The new stats come from ComScore who followed the traffic to from the day of release on October 10.

They found that of those that paid 17% stumped up $4 or less. 6% paid between $4.01 and $8, 12% paid between $8.01 and $12 and 4% paid more than $12.

The findings also state that those people who paid more than $8 accounted for around 79% of the revenue generated by the download.

However, the research did not include those people who purchased the box set and the thousands that download the album for free from various other websites.

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