It's released this September...
Scott Colothan

12:35 9th July 2007

Fresh from wowing 80,000 people at Live Earth on Saturday, Foo Fighters have unveiled the full details of their sixth studio album.

Dave Grohl and co. will release (the remarkably Stereophonics-esque titled) ‘Echoes Silence Patience and Grace’ on September 25.

The 12-track album is the follow-up to 2005’s ‘In Your Honour’ and was previewed in full during Foo Fighters’ highly intimate set at the Proud Galleries in Camden last week.

In an interview with xfm, Grohl said that the record “sounds like a Foo Fighters album” but one that is “definitely moving in different directions.”

The full track-listing is as follows:

1. 'The Pretender'
2. 'Let It Die'
3. 'Erase Replace'
4. 'Long Road To Ruin'
5. 'Come Alive'
6. 'Stranger Things Have Happened'
7. 'Cheer Up Boys, Your Makeup Is Running'
8. 'Summer's End'
9. 'The Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners'
10. 'Statues'
11. 'But Honestly'
12. 'Home'

Photo: Shirlaine Forrest