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Vicky Greer
10:36 21st May 2021

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Hands Off Gretel lead singer Lauren Tate has today released her debut album as her alter-ego Delilah Bon. Her self-titled album is out now on Trash Queen records. Mixing punk rock with hip hop and flavours of nu-metal, the album is entirely self-produced, and every instrument is played by Tate herself.

Tracks like ‘Bad Attitude’ take you back to the early punk rap of Rage Against The Machine with fuzzy, relentless guitars mixed with Tate’s unfiltered messages of female empowerment. Elsewhere, on ‘Soul Sisters’ there are hints of nineties and noughties hip hop that blends in effortlessly with the heavier punk sounds. This is an album that’s going to play very well on stage.

Here’s what Tate said about her debut:

“The album is a celebration of female empowerment and independence. Made by a woman as a voice for women and non-binary people, I wrote about rape culture, girls uplifting girls and self-love. From my own experiences and so many other girls in my dm’s, I wrote the album wanting to speak my truth, unfiltered and raw, sarcastic and often angry, fusing rap and fuzzy nu-metal guitars as what I call Brat Punk.”

On producing the album herself in a male-dominated industry, she said:

“Self-producing the album was important to me, especially as female producers are sadly rare and under-represented. I wanted to prove that I could, creating all the beats, recording all the instruments myself to truly bring my visions to life.”

Delilah Bon tracklist:

  1. Freak Of The Week
  2. Soul Sisters
  3. Bad Attitude
  4. Where My Girls At?
  5. School
  6. Red Dress
  7. Chiquitita
  8. Chop Dicks
  9. Homework
  10. Devil
  11. War On Women
  12. I Get The Feelin’

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