Hollywood glamour, betrayal and revenge
Vicky Greer
12:45 14th May 2021

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Tyra Jutai has today released the music video for her show-stopping single, ‘Frida’. The track comes from her recent Hollywood inspired EP, You Weren’t A Muse.

‘Frida’ is a prime example of intoxicating alt-pop, made all the more appealing with its strong storyline. It tells a tale of revenge, jealousy and betrayal that keeps you hooked from beginning to end. Here, Tyra Jutai talks about her own story that inspired the song:

“The song ‘Frida’ was inspired by a beautiful woman who tried to hook up with my boyfriend while I wasn’t around. I really fixated on the psychology of understanding going after someone else’s lover. When I say ‘were you tortured by the same things that I was, running around looking for love to steal’, what I mean is that both Frida and I were lacking love and trying to find it where we could. In my case, I was lacking respect in my relationship, and in hers, I guess it could be lacking attention or affection”.

The striking visuals are reminiscent of Hollywood’s golden age and the slightly surreal aesthetic of Wes Anderson. It’s incredibly clever and outstandingly beautiful.

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