The multi-instrumentalist unleashes chaos on this indie-rock track
Vicky Greer
10:59 14th April 2021

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London-based Oscar Lang has just shared his brand-new single ‘Stuck’, a rich and relentless indie-rock inspired tune full of fuzzy guitars and layered vocals. The song accompanies news of his debut album, Chew the Scenery, which arrives 16 July via Dirty Hit.

There’s something particularly confrontational about ‘Stuck’ that evokes the overwhelming emotions about which it was written. The ferocious guitars and pounding rhythm, along with the claustrophobic music video, reflect some of the feelings we’ve all had this year.

Watch the music video here:

Here, Lang explains what inspired the new song:

“‘Stuck’ is about the feeling of replaying embarrassing situations in your mind to the point where you feel overwhelmed with all the voices in your head. I spend a lot of the time re-hashing old experiences and often it means I’m a bit spaced out and can’t pay attention to things because I’m so distracted by my own thoughts. I wanted to express that chaos of all those voices running through my head down into a song.” 

Chew The Scenery Tracklist:

1. Our Feature Presentation
2. 21st Century Hobby
3. I Could Swear
4. Stuck
5. Yeah!
6. Headphones
7. Write Me A Letter
8. Intermission
9. Are You Happy 
10. Quarter Past Nine
11. Take Time Out
12. Final Call
13. Thank You

Chew The Scenery arrives 16 July via Dirty Hit.

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Photo: Jordan Curtis Hughes