Jessie Atkinson
10:02 8th April 2021

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Charlotte Adigéry has dropped the video to go along with her latest single, the compelling 'Bear With Me (and I'll stand bare before you)'. The song will feature on a compilation by German label DEEWEE, entitled Foundations.

The song is a fractured blend of disco, electronica and touches of dissonant notes reminiscent of Michael Abels' score for Jordan Peele's Us. The video follows this tendency to the uncanny, combining images of home discos with poltergeist movement of furniture and a highly chic set design.

On the lockdown-reminiscent video, Charlotte said: “The video is about being confined thus confronted to the way we live. The cruel irony of having the privilege of standing still, questioning and observing my life in all safety while others are fighting for theirs. On the other hand, the video is about trying to stay sane while feeling that the walls are closing in on you. Embracing boredom and finding joy in the little things in life.”

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Photo: Jorre Janssens