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Jessie Atkinson
15:42 31st March 2021

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CHAI are uncharacteristically hushed on their new WINK single 'Nobody Knows We Are Fun', which follows 'Maybe Chocolate Chips', 'ACTION' and 'Donuts Mind If I Do'. 

Ever-playful and dedicated to a cause of being totally oneself, the new single is still much more a of a star-gazing, nightime tone for the group:

This one was inspired by the movie Booksmart, which shows the protagonist exclaim 'Nobody knows we're fun!' as a reason to attend a school party. "We, CHAI, can really relate to that scene: a mix of screaming our annoyances—why don’t you guys notice us!—while trying to be cute and sexy.”

WINK, the band's third album, coming in May, will feature 'Maybe Chocolate Chips' as well as prior singles 'ACTION' and 'Donut Mind If I Do'. For a shot of positivity, meet CHAI in our interview.
WINK Tracklist: 

1. Donuts Mind If I Do
2. Maybe Chocolate Chips (feat. Ric Wilson)
4. END
5. PING PONG! (feat. YMCK)
6. Nobody Knows We Are Fun
7. It's Vitamin C
8. IN PINKfeat. Mndsgn)
10. Miracle
11. Wish Upon a Star
12. Salty

WINK arrives 21 May via Sub Pop Records.

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