And more coming soon...
Jessie Atkinson
10:47 25th February 2021

Sad Boys Club are back with their newest single: the sparkling 'Could Have Beens (& What Ifs)', which is somewhere between teen movie ecstasy and laidback, nostalgic indie rock'n'roll riffs.

Coming in with a door opening and a shower of stars, the single soon chugs to a start with a riff reminiscent of 1986 rock balladry. Then it's the turn of an introspective, bittersweet singalong chorus courtesy of frontman Jacob Wheldon. 

Bathe in the beauty:

On the songs dreamy but melancholy themes, Wheldon says: "Pedro and I share in our sense of otherness. It’s something we take pride in but it’s something that’s tested us both recently - he as a Brazilian immigrant, myself as a Jew...Chris thought it was about girls though and I don’t want to take that away from him so it can be about that if that works for you!"

Photo: Jordan Logan