'Fly 'Em High' will close out Blame It On The Youts
Jessie Atkinson
08:54 5th February 2021

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Tiggs Da Author has finally announced details of his debut album! Blame It On The Youts is coming this March, and gets its big fanfare announcement today with Nines collaboration 'Fly 'Em High'. 

Tagging along is a mesmerising visual of Tiggs and Nines running through a gamified London as the mellow track plays - upbeat and juicy, it also seems to shelter a darker underbelly.

"This song speaks for itself, has a nice vibe and as always, is a little different.
We don't try to recreate," Tiggs commented.

Tiggs has previously collaborated with Nines on the Top Boy featured 'Oh My' and Crabs In A Bucket hit 'NIC'. Nines called his friend "a very special artist." It was a quiet 2020 for Tiggs, who did at least release 'We Ain't Scared', which will also appear on the album.

Blame It On The Youts Tracklist:

1. Enough
2. Zulu Gang
3. We Ain’t Scared
4. Hands Up
5. Suitcase Of Sins
6. Just A Little
7. Blame It On The Youts
8. Brand New
9. Chasing Love
10. Thank You
11. Fly ‘Em High (ft. Nines)

Blame It On The Youts arrives 12 March via Alacran Records.

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