With, as ever, a stunning music video
Jessie Atkinson
11:39 8th January 2021

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Black Honey have given us the kind of brilliance we have come to expect today with a new tune and beautiful video for 'Believer', the centrepiece of forthcoming sophomore album Written & Directed.

It's a catchy one with some horn action and the sweeping desert grandeur that Black Honey always give us. The matching video is an epic set in a deserted Mexican village and requires at least one watch:

“’Believer’ is a song to accompany your existential crisis. I wanted a religious satire that was eye rolling at all the patriarchal nonsense of spiritual sense of self. I wanna believe in me, the outsider and the underdog. It’s like coming of age, coming out and coming up" band leader Izzy B. Phillips said. 

Written & Directed Tracklist:

1. I Like The Way You Die
2. Run For Cover
3. Beaches
4. Back Of The Bar
5. Believer
6. I Do It To Myself
7. Disinfect
8. Summer ‘92
9. Fire
10. Gabrielle
Written & Directed arrives 19 March via Foxfive Records. Pre-order it here.

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