Part of February's In Praise Of Shadows
Jessie Atkinson
11:15 18th November 2020

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Puma Blue knows how to release the tension,take you into a new world and write a blinder of a song all at once. 'Opiate' is another taste of his forthcoming debut album In Praise Of Shadows, and it's a cocktail of jazz, soul and 90s RnB.

Timabalnd and UK garage informed this track, and that rendering comes through loud and clear in the sparse beats created with a keyboard loop. The track was the last to be written for the album In Praise of Shadows, which has had its release day moved back to 5 February.

Have a listen and watch the Cecil Beaton inspired visuals here:

“‘Opiate’ was the last song I wrote for the album, it was probably only a few weeks before I finished it" Puma Blue aka Jacob Allen said. "It’s about learning to love yourself, despite finding yourself dreaming of someone from your past and wondering why they resurfaced when you were so sure you’d left them behind. It makes you realise that you still have some healing to do."

In Praise of Shadows Tracklist:

1. Sweet Dreams
2. Cherish (furs)
3. Velvet Leaves
4. Snowflower
5. Already Falling
6. Sheets
7. Olive / Letter To ATL
8. Oil Slick
9. Silk Print
10. Is It Because
11. Opiate
12. Sleeping
13. Bath House
14. Super Soft

In Praise of Shadows arrives 5 February via Blue Flowers.


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