You can hear A/A side 'to Perth, before the border closes' + 'CRY' now
Jessie Atkinson
15:00 12th October 2020

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Julia Jacklin has returned with two new tracks. 'To Perth, before the border closes' and 'CRY' make up one perfect release on Sub-Pop as part of the label's Singles Club.

On the introspective A-side, Jacklin broods on the changing times, whispering her own lullaby to herself to help her get through. It's a slow-burner that orbits the beautiful constant of the acoustic guitar, the bass and the drums. Sumptuous four-piece composition complete with a returning voice we missed:

“I’ve moved around a lot the last 5 years; chasing things, love, work, something new, whatever and there’s always this fear that I’m leaving good things behind just to go somewhere else and be lonely" said of 'to Perth, before the border closes', a track that was inspired by the sudden closure of Australia in March.

Both tracks are out now. The singles are available in physical format to subscribers of Sub Pop's Singles Club.

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