Ahead of their debut album Goodbye, Blue Monday
Jessie Atkinson
13:04 25th August 2020

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Indie-psych has truly met its newest leaders in Hi Frisco. Their brand new single 'Headspin' is only the fourth offering from the duo so far: and it's another perfect gem.

A collaboration with Charlotte Spiral, the new cut is a dynamic, pin-wheeling kaleidoscope that moves through indie rock and a tunnel of psychedelic love.

There's a lovely moment of Shirelles style "ooh la las" in the closing bars too:  

“Lyrically it's a love song that was always written to be a duet offering the view of a defiant relationship, struggling against the anxiety and stress of modern life from both perspectives," the band said. 

The song is lifted from their forthcoming debut album Goodbye, Blue Monday, which will also feature recent release 'Gold', a song we called "The Black Keys meet Pond." 

Goodbye, Blue Monday arrives 9 October.

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