The Black Keys meet Pond
Jessie Atkinson
10:00 26th May 2020

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Hi Frisco are polishing off their psychedelic credentials for their new single. 'Gold' is a massive Pond-school psych bop - and you can hear those sounds for the first time on Gigwise now.

Slow and ballooning, slick guitars keep those gravity-defying synths in check with a rock'n'roll hand that tips things easily over from pop and into psych. Take The Black Keys and mate them with Nick Allbrook and you'll be somewhere near what this duo are going for. And with a key change in the final quarter? We're a fan. Hear it on Gigwise first:

The duo are from Yorkshire and Lancashire - two competing roses coming together to make one magnificent finishing product.

Speaking about the track, Hi Frisco say: “Initially, ‘Gold’ was way out of character from the songs we’d been writing. The main thing we wanted to avoid in taking it forward was making it too overtly rock. We wanted it to be more weird/blown out, than heavy. Henry says that lyrically, the song is a lament about trying and being knocked back, by myself and my own insecurities. The chorus line ‘as pure as snow, as strong as gold’ is having that innocent blind ambition to make it all work out somehow, the seeming invincibility of youth, and unwavering drive which I always struggled with. For me, it’s a song of aspiration.”

Now based in East London, Felix and Henry push this lava lamp of a tune into our ears from the capital, where they have also recently released indie 'The War' and equally psychy 'Snowfall'.

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