Equal parts terrifying and scintillating
Jessie Atkinson
11:50 3rd July 2020

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Alexandra Savior has shared a haunting acoustic version of her most recent album's stand-out cut 'But You'. The track is one of Savior's most-streamed songs, tailing only cult hit 'Girlie' from debut effort Belladonna of Sadness.

Like all of Savior's works, the acoustic version of 'But You' is equal parts terrifying and scintillating. Already haunting in the knowing despondency of those vintage vocals, this cut descends even more into the phantom-pocked landing of a haunted house with sparse acoustic guitar and cinematic strings.

Proceeds from sales of the single will go to The Loveland Foundation, a charity that helps young people of colour access therapy services:

'But You' is a slice of the January LP The Archer, which we called "a smart and brooding sepia landscape of haunted keys, cinematic guitars and precious vocals that whisper and swell with the agonies of loving, being loved and suffering manipulation". 

In an interview with the reserved musician, we learned a lot about Savior and her past.  “I have bursts of inspiration and if I focus on getting into a trance within that, then it’s easy to not think about how much I hate everything that I do" she told us. Read more about the enigmatic Savior here. 

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