They've announced their debut EP too
Jessie Atkinson
10:11 1st July 2020

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Bristolians Home Counties have announced their signing to cult label Alcopop! Records today with a screwy new krautrock-inflected post-punk track 'Dad Bod'. Fans of Squid should tune into the new direction from this young band...

The single announces a debut EP titled Redevelopment - named for the recent single released in March. That cut was a "piping-hot post-punk melting pot" of political commentary and danceable guitars.

On 'Dad Bod', you'll find a more angsty environment: one where the cowbell returns with a vengeance and the bassline refuses to let up - a lot like the Apocalyptic disco of The Wants' recent debut album Container.

Home Counties have toured with Shame, Sports Team, Hotel Lux and Pip Blom - and it's no surprise. This five-piece are as dissonant and smart as their predecessors. And they have something to say. On the new single, the band say: "the song initially takes a light-hearted standpoint listing the aesthetic traits and status symbols of modern men before moving on to address a darker side which is hidden behind the comfortability and respectfulness of a ‘Dad Bod’."

It's produced by FUR and Egyptian Blue collaborator Theo Verney and its the beginning of a new journey for the band on Alcopop!

Redevelopment EP arrives 4 September via Alcopop! Records

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