Opening in London this October
Jessie Atkinson
12:25 4th June 2020

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Some suitably bizarre but brilliant news to add to the pile of 2020's mix of terrible and revolutionary happenings. One Night Records will open the world's first ever socially-distanced music venue this October in London.

A secret location in London Bridge will see history this autumn when One Night Records presents an immersive music event and venue built around new social distancing needs. Guests will be able to have a musical night out with friends and family - at a safe distance that will not spread the novel coronavirus.

How willl it work? The show will feature a maze of hidden tunnels open to people at staggered arrivals. Inside, an immersive gig will play out, taking visitors back into six historical concerts that will include performances by artists such as Errol Linton and Georgia van Etten. 

Artist and Repertoire Head Tommy Hare said: "One Night Records is like a living record shop where, in 2020, audiences will revel amidst the hits of Chuck Berry, Jelly Roll Morton Hank Williams, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong and Scott Joplin. You’ll find gems you’ve never heard before and also see and hear the hits and legends of the future."

"We want to give Londoners something to book now and to look forward to" One Night Records MD Tim Wilson added.

Grab your tickets now here. 

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