The message is clear: F*ck your band
Lewis Budd
12:39 1st June 2020

Bouncing to the tune of a summer anthem, The Snuts are today (1 June) sharing the visuals for ‘Don’t Forget It (Punk)’, which reflects as a commandeering commentary on the band’s rise to fame.

Lyrically, the track is a descendant of much of the band’s earlier career, which aims to push non-believers aside and state, "Fuck your band" as the track’s direct & catchy agenda. Opening with a warping & scuzzy bass line, the track lands on a running start with Jack Cochrane’s lead vocals tearing down the mainframe as a reminder of the Scottish band’s ascendance, belting “Don’t forget it, I’m the King of the spot!" 

An animated homage to the band’s energetic live set is featured in this DIY, high-octane video to match. Showing a flipbook animation of the band performing alongside a scribbled lyric video on a crumpled paper background, the video fits the band’s overall punk aesthetic. Watch below:

In our latest interview with the band, lead singer, Jack, highlighted the band’s key message: “The main message we want to put out is be your own person and take risks. If you’re passionate about something don’t be on the fence about it, just go for it.” 

“Our songs are inspired by more personal experiences, our relationship with each other and our surroundings while still thinking of what relates to listeners. The advantage is that we trust each other so it allows us to be honest and also keep personal egos aside; our music is just us, our feelings and nothing else.” 

Photo: Charlie Cummings