Recorded in LA with Tobias Jesso Jr.
Jessie Atkinson
13:40 29th May 2020

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Jake Bugg has released a mainstay of his live sets. 'Rabbit Hole' is more knowing, danceable rock from Bugg, a single that has been highly requested by the singer-songwriter's considerable fanbase.

More polished than we're used to from Bugg, 'Rabbit Hole' is almost pop in its highly treated guitars and hooky vocals. There's still a dusty desert energy emanating from the song despite its flashy production: Bugg's distinctive vocal is still visible through the sheen.

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On the song's release, which has received adulation on social media, Bugg said: “I wrote and recorded this in LA about a year ago. It was an instant one for me and went straight into the live set for the last two tours. I’ve had loads of requests to release it, so I’m excited to get this one out there."

Most recently, Bugg released 'Saviours of the City', a finger-picked folk tune with close sonic ties to his excellent 2012 debut album.

New tracks will arrive soon. 

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