A new EP is coming in August
Jessie Atkinson
11:10 29th May 2020

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Matt Maltese has onboarded two of guitar music's brightest talents for his new single 'Queen Bee'. Sorry's Asha Lorenz and Brian D'Addario of The Lemon Twigs join Maltese on the track, which announces a new EP titled Madhouse - coming this August.

Romantic and bright, 'Queen Bee' is one of Matt Maltese's most catchy releases. Rosy spots of fifties Americana make it easy to imagine this love song playing at a prom, while bolts of indie guitar bring things firmly into the present day.

Without doubt a summertime tune, 'Queen Bee' comes at star-spangled lovesong writing from several angles. You can really hear the D'Addario fingerprints on this: instrumentals could pass for a Lemon Twigs original.

A part of a new Madhouse EP, each of the six songs on this new August release were self-produced by Maltese at home.

On 'Queen Bee', Maltese said: “It’s a song about the notion of finding ‘true love’, and being doubtful yet persistently and annoyingly hopeful. It’s a song that sort of speaks to your future lover with equal parts cynicism and soppiness.”

Madhouse Tracklist:

1. Little Person
2. Queen Bee
3. Hi
4. Madhouse
5. Leather Wearing AA
6. Sad Dream

Madhouse EP arrives 7 August via Nettwerk

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Photo: Sam Hiscox