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Shannon Cotton
11:10 10th June 2020

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Today (10 June) The Wytches return with the first taste of new music in four years. 

Summoning that lurching, eery quintessential Wytches sound, ‘Cowboy’ is a muddied and anarchic jaunt to mark their welcome return. Recorded at Tile House Studios with Luke Oldfield, the track is being released on the band’s own label, Cable Code Records. Listen below:

Speaking about the track, frontman Kristian Bell explains: “It's a song about attempting to return to a better state of mind. ‘Cowboy’ was a holding place title as it seemed like a riff that a cowboy would enjoy.  It had 4 or 5 different verses and structures before the final recorded version and by then the name had stuck.”

After the dizzying highs that followed after releasing two albums in two consecutive years, the comedown hit just as hard when their drummer left the band. Kristian elaborates: “We were disheartened by the whole thing. All the work that goes into getting a band off its feet and into the public felt like something we’d have to try all over again.”

“We've come back feeling re-energised and rejuvenated. For a period I was losing interest. We were going through the motions but now things feel right again.”

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