The full three-parter arrives in early May
Jessie Atkinson
18:05 16th April 2020

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She's been a one-woman ideas factory over the past few months, and today Hayley Williams has dropped yet another single. 'Why We Ever' is a measured, electronic ballad about sabotaging good things.

Synth, keys and percussion float this relaxed song onwards, letting Williams' songwriting skills shine. It's another taste of Petals For Armor, which has had most of its contents aired in the build up to its release: 'Why We Ever' is the LP's ninth single, appearing in a series titled 'II' alongside 'My Friend', 'Over Yet' and 'Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris'.

Before that, five further tunes appeared as a bundle titled 'I'. And yes, there's a third act to come, Williams confirmed on her Twitter this afternoon. Together, all three parts will make up Petals For Armor, coming in May.

Hear the newest one:

On this release, Williams said: “I was at the lowest point I’d been in some time. My sadness shows. Now I look back and credit this night as being the beginning of a new season of my life, where I hold myself accountable for learning to love better. I’ve let myself down a lot in love. This was the start of recognizing bad patterns and acknowledging that I’m ready to grow out of them.”

Petals For Armor arrives 8 May via Atlantic.

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