An epic track that is at once a throwback but also absolutely of its time
James Ayles
10:00 26th July 2019

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Leeds’ own Sam Wilde is today (26 July) releasing his latest single ‘If You Stay’, a forlorn, growling epic track that is at once a throwback but also absolutely of its time.

Following up fast behind the recent glut of British singer-songwriters, Wilde is another earmarked for big things. Fortunately though, he seems happy to make his mark his own way, making sure those shades of Sam Fender and touches of Lewis Capaldi don’t get in the way of what he can do himself. 

Wilde readily strips back a lot of the instrumentation from his earlier work, letting that voice snarl and rumble through a tale of broken love, bitterness and disappointment. The gradual build and filthy guitar work lends the track the sort of mellowness and maturity that many artists wait decades to develop. Listen below:

Wilde has been plugging away for a while now since leaving university, but February’s ‘On The Run’ – his first release for three years - picked up some encouraging attention and there’s every reason to think ‘If You Stay’ will continue the momentum.

Alongside the music, Wilde has developed a nice line in eye-catching music videos, but that’s not to distract from the evolution his sound is currently going through.

A stint of supporting the likes of Billy Lockett and Dan Owen seems to have paid off, and Wilde will be at 93 Feet East in London on 16 August for a headline show of his own.

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