London newcomer writes hard-grooving hybrid music as an ode to the end of the world
Cai Trefor
15:45 14th June 2019

Mysterious London-based pop ghost-writer niceboy has today released an explosive self-produced debut single, which successfully weaves elements of baroque, hip-hop, funk, and grunge to create an ode to a "burning world". The intelligently crafted, hybrid music feels like the artist is uncompromising in transposing emotion into sound and keeping all the nuance of his vivid idea.

It's great hearing the industrial rock-tinge on the beat, the PiL-esque level of lows of the synth bass, and world-weary lyricism mix in with a spangled guitar riff and funk and hip hop DNA. The accapella intro, meanwhile, is where 'MISERY' gets very niche: it's said to be a reference to progressive early baroque composer Gregorio Allegri.

Of the imagery which inspired the song, niceboy tells Gigwise: "The whole time I had this image of a convertible pimped out tank burning through a nuclear wasteland on the way to some judgement day battle showdown. And a singer performing to this army of dead men kind of rousing them up and also lamenting the end of the world with one last piece of gutter funk.

Offering further sentiment in an exclusive statement, he adds: "To me music should try to be truthful to its time and also sensitive to its environment. I live a great life and I'm very grateful for it but the world is undeniably burning and I feel more music should reflect that. So 'Misery' is that, my attempt to reflect the reality of the world around me in the styles and forms that have most affected me."
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