Taken from the catchy yet experimental post-punk band's forthcoming debut album Body Negative
Cai Trefor
12:22 24th May 2019

French newcomers signed to FatCat Records MNNQNS are heightening anticipation for the 30 August release of debut album Body Negative with the single and video ‘Desperation Moon’. Listen to the rabble-rousing off-kilter banger on Gigwise below.

The strength of the single is its execution of something warmly familiar – CBGB punk, 00s garage rock revival, Preoccupations, Cribs-esque indie – being twisted into something less so thanks to their taste for layered, textural music. They appear to utilise the studio as a fifth member and gift us with cosmic flourish that's not always common for a rock band. The band, it seems, don't see genre as a boundary and are adventurous listeners.

The video, meanwhile, sees the band - who are from Rouen in France - luxuriating and performing on their trendy guitars in a posh hotel. Keeping a purposefully deadpan, bored look, it feels like more of a wry take on a pop video than something taking itself too seriously.

Elsewhere, MNNQNS performed live at FOCUS Wales last week and had the room completely enveloped: industry delegates were rushing to the front to get pictures. The set showed they are building upon the snappy sound you hear above and expanded to include some psychedelic repetitive riff passages. Encouraging signs for a band who are very much at the beginning of their journey of being recognized outside of France.

MNNQNS will return to the UK for a show in London at Thousand Islands on 17 October.

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Photo: Press