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Elli Chappelhow

10:00 23rd May 2019

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Meet the duo on a mission to create forward-facing pop music. Consisting of lead singer & songwriter Josh West and multi-instrumentalist & producer Elliott Gunn, DSND are the next intriguing proposition in the experimental electro-pop scene. They’re going for the ‘artist’ label in every sense of the word, by careful self-preservation in monochrome in addition to their imaginative and expansive sonics.

Achingly personal debut ‘Collide’ is a richly textured track. Glimmering synths float above the layered auto-tuned vocal track, with 1975-esque propensities. DSND endeavour to give their 80s New Wave and left field electronic influences a thoroughly modern makeover for the millennial climate, that feels very ‘of the moment’. Not ones to shy away from emotive content, the duo also aim to create a modern twist on the oft-covered themes of lost love and isolation.

Debut track ‘Collide’ addresses the theme of mental health in particular - Josh explains,“It was the first time I ever felt a sense of catharsis after writing a song. It’s about coming to terms with your own sadness. As the song progresses it becomes more uplifting musically and lyrically - symbolising that acceptance.” Listen to the track below:

It seems DSND are conscious and perceptive about the current climate of the industry they’re taking their first foray into. With a carefully curated visual identity right out of the blocks, there’s no faffing around. They’re serious in their intention to influence the pop landscape: this strong debut in collaboration with a focussed visual identity makes for a strong backbone for their future releases. 

DSND are preparing to release a follow up single, alongside a 4 track EP Eremocene.

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