‘It starts that fire in your belly that makes you want to dive head-first into a mosh pit’
Elli Chappelhow

11:16 22nd March 2019

BlackWaters’ new song ‘I’m Not Your Man’ stage dives into existence, and it’s anthemic.

With a Libertines-y/Babyshambles guitar intro, you can definitely hear their indie-rock influences, but there’s more to Sheffield-based BlackWaters than chewing up the past and spitting it back out. They have continued to hone their craft, and this imposing track is evidence of this maturity - it's their first release of 2019 and hints at exciting things to come. 

‘I’m Not Your Man’ starts that fire in your belly that makes you want to dive head-first into a mosh pit. It makes you want to grab a beer, drag your best mates by the hand and dance until you can’t any more. Guaranteed you won’t be able to stop this fuzzy little number running circles in your mind all day. Tune in below:

When the track gets into it’s stride, there’s an edge that separates them from the onslaught of indie rock bands that the early 2000s spawned. One part brooding, venomously punky energy (vocalist Max Tanner spits, “I’m not your man” repeatedly), two generous parts melodic and exuberant indie-rock hooks. 

There’s real dynamism in their raucous riffs and anthemic choruses. Lithe vigour and intense instrumentals aplenty, BlackWaters stand a chance of being a part of the fertile live scene that is seeing post-punk rear its ugly head once more. Back in 2018, we described their live show as “captivatingly boisterous and ramshackle”.

Speaking on the single the band say, "It's easy to forget all the good stuff. Especially fending for yourself or your friends in such a weird society to be in today. It's hard to ignore the bigger issues and sometimes we all want to. But everybody has their own problems or 'things' to deal with."

With a summer jam packed of festivals and a spring touring Europe with Barns Courtney, 2019 is shaping up to be another intoxicating year for the group. The band play London’s Old Blue Last on 2 April, and you can grab tickets here

Photo: Sophie Droysen/Press