Starry-eyed synths dominate the quartet’s long-awaited debut
Yasmin Cowan
14:56 21st March 2019

Those who have experienced an Anteros gig will already know of the band’s infectious allure, with their hooky, synth-laden pop grooves and affinity for animated live sets. Laura Hayden and co. frequently invite fans on stage, get involved in the pit and party the night away with the crowd like there’s no tomorrow. They have a penchant to please and ensure that everybody is up and dancing, having left all their worries and woes at the door. All of this energy and pop pizazz has been bottled up and pressed into their debut album When We Land. It is quite simply, relatively inoffensive, enjoyable and danceable indie, ideally suited to anything from sun-soaked festival frolics to those uninhibited bedroom boogies. 

Laura Hayden’s exuberant confidence flows through her vocals, drawing out even the wariest of wallflowers. It’s a struggle to keep still to the starry-eyed synths, looping guitars and devilishly catchy choruses.

When We Land is loaded with air-punching dance anthems and toe-tapping tunes that you can sing your heart out to. While most bands have been preoccupied with delivering weighty records to navigate the current chaos, Anteros opted for a more fun-filled approach to surviving these trying times. Although we will always need music which stands against all the ills and calls out the injustices in the world, there is still a place for bands to lighten the mood, make us smile and give us a much-needed timeout from thinking about our shitstorm of a society - Anteros seem to gladly step up to the plate and fulfill that need with When We Land.

When We Land will be released on 22 March 2019 via Distiller Records.