The annual scramble for tickets will soon be upon us
Julian Marszalek
09:30 11th September 2018

Well, yes… and here we go again. With festival season almost over, now seems as good a time as any to start thinking about festivals again as Glastonbury leads the charge with an important update for those hoping to make to Pilton next year.

The annual stampede for Glastonbury tickets will soon be upon us and you can expect an even madder rush than usual thanks to the celebrated event having taken a year off. You can also then expect much gloating from successful applicants and the gnashing of teeth and the tearing of hair of those who failed to nab a ticket.

But before any of that, orgnanisers are urging prospective applicant to make sure that their registration photos are no more than two years old.

“Before ticket information for the 2019 Festival is released, we’re asking everyone with a registration photograph over two years old to update their registration photo, as digital photo technology has improved considerably since we first introduced registration for Glastonbury tickets in 2007,” said the organisers in an email to registrants.

“It is now easier than ever to supply a high quality photo, so if your existing registration photo is more than two years old, not of passport standard, or is no longer a good likeness please update your photo now to help us keep the Festival secure, and reduce waiting times for you at the Festival gates.”

So be sure to get that photo updated at the Glastonbury website if you want to experience the emotional rollercoaster ride that is the annual rush to score Glasto tickets. Perhaps it should be televised by the BBC as a precursor to the real thing?

In the meantime, the rumour mill is grinding into action with names including Madonna, Taylor Swift, Stormzy and Kendrick Lamar being bandied around. What we know is that is that the Sunday afternoon Legend’s Slot is a “non-British female” and that Paul McCartney is “top of the list” to headline.

Photo: Facebook